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Expansion and Government Funding

Singapore's local market is very small and for most companies to grow, they often either need to find niche areas in Singapore where they can establish their brand or venture overseas for more opportunities. 

We help companies with business proposals to help them structure their expansion strategies and to fine-tune their business models. We also assist with your application for Government programmes and funding.

Have a complimentary consultation with us to see if you are suitable for any Government Programmes.

Business Diagnosis and Planning

We have seen many companies benefitting from a Business Diagnosis and Planning session with us. Our Business Diagnosis is based on the SMART framework used widely by SPRING Singapore and other Government bodies. 

We believe that it is important to help SMEs to develop management capabilities systematically. In addition, we want companies to identify and adopt practical solutions to address key gaps or areas for improvement.

This Business Diagnosis report will provide companies with a better appreciation of whether government programmes can help support them as part of the adopted solutions to meet their needs.

Branding & Digital Marketing

For a more long-term strategy, we always advise our clients to think about the brand identity that they want to forge. A distinctive brand identity creates top-of-the-mind recollection and helps you stand out amidst the competition. We use a holistic approach in helping you communicate your brand. 

Digital Marketing
For more immediate concerns, many of our clients require focused, targeted marketing. Sales is a crucial part for most businesses. Convert your audience into your customers with our targeted & effective digital marketing campaigns!

Using findings from our Business Diagnosis reports, we plan and strategise marketing campaigns that are in line with your company's direction. We run cost-effective marketing outreach that hits your target audience. Our strategy to get you the customers you want is to: Monitor, Optimise and Tweak! Maximise your sales conversion today!

We have affordable branding and marketing packages available for SMEs. Talk to us today to embark on a cost-effective consultancy project. 

Business Strategy 

We brainstorm with you on your sales strategy; this includes strategies on lead generation and partnerships. We also help with execution of these strategies and have many long-term retainer contracts with our clients. 

This service is most useful for start-ups who do not know where to start in terms of sales or lead generation. We help point you to the right direction. 

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