Hello there! What our company stands for!

Hello! Thank you for dropping by our website. 

I'm Lydia, the founder and Principal consultant of Lemon Says Consultancy. I just thought that on this beautiful Sunday morning, I would share some insights as to why we started this company. 

Lemon Says Consultancy is a relatively new consultancy company but we have been around the scene for a long time. Before starting this consultancy company, I spent two years providing in-house business advisory and strategic planning to two technology start-ups in Singapore. I was very happy in the start-up world as they become your family very quickly. The start-up world is truly dynamic and I enjoyed every second of work! The work is fun and meaningful as we spend all our time executing new strategies for increased growth and revenue. 

The time came however for me to leave my nest. One of the impetus for me leaving was that I saw many consultants out there providing business advice, when in reality they are often from dubious backgrounds. I have always been skeptical of becoming a consultant myself despite spending thousands of hours meeting hundreds of companies in my previous work. 

I was very skeptical because to me, business proposals, diagnosis and planning are all very natural to me and I have always wondered why one would need a consultant to help them with these areas. 

Fast forward to 2016. I realised that this so-called natural skill was not as innate as I thought it was. And then I remembered that even for me to amass my business knowledge, it took me 5 years of on-the-job experience and daily reading of multiple technology and business news. I slowly became convinced that businesses, especially start-ups, need a consultant who is reliable, honest, someone who goes by the books (don't anyhow abuse Government programmes ah, don't anyhow claim ah) to show them how they can properly grow and expand their business. 

When starting this consultancy, I did approach some of my former contacts. Some of them were not too keen because they could handle their own business proposals and identify the strategies their companies required. I very quickly realised that those were not the market or demographic that my consultancy should target. I realised that my consultancy is here to help those who do not know where to start, OR who has no time to execute what is already in their head.   

With this strategy, my consultancy started growing and has now established a strong network of word-of-mouth referrals (without any marketing or internet presence). 

Months passed and I finally decided to make myself a website. Funnily, in this day and age, what with LinkedIn and other social media, people still trust websites, or rather they perceive you having a website as being a "more legitimate business". I decided to glue myself down to my seat to create my own website finally! 

Watch this space for more insights on the start-up world and for business tips on growing your company! We look forward to seeing you around. And... do spread the word about our small, honest boutique consultancy.